1. Courses which are competency based and VAST (Video assisted Skill Transfer) based are particularly encouraged.

2. Total duration of Instruction course is 60 mins including discussion and change over time. The chief instructors must ensure that the session finishes exactly on time & does not spill over to the change over time / next session.

3. Instruction courses dealing with clinical sciences should deliver current and evidenced based information.

4. Those that are a repeat from previous conferences will be outrightly rejected.

How many ICs an instructor can participate?
1. A chief instructor MUST be a ratified member of TNOA.

2. As a chief instructor, a ratified member can submit ONE INSTRUCTION COURSE ONLY.

3. Can participate as co-instructor in a maximum of TWO INSTRUCTION COURSES ONLY. (Excluding the Chief Instructors)

How many Co - instructors can be added?
An Instruction course can contain maximum 4 co-instructors ( Excluding the Chief Instructor)

Chief instructor of ICs should submit the following details without fail
Type the details exactly as you would want to be printed in the scientific program.

Course Title
The title of the course SHOULD NOT exceed 100 characters (including spaces).

Course Outline (Synopsis)
Instruction Course Synopsis SHOULD NOT exceed 1000 characters (including spaces).

Topics for each speaker and time allotted for the topic
Fill Co-Instructors names, topics and time allotted for each topic in the separate box given. These details SHOULD NOT be mentioned in the Synopsis of the course. The topics SHOULD NOT exceed 100 characters (including spaces).

Chief Instructor’s Resume (600 characters only)
Ensure the Chief Instructor’s resume, not exceeding 600 characters (including spaces), is prepared with care and is complete. Ensure that the name of Institution of the Instructors, place of work are not revealed. The resume should be so written as to not to reveal the identity of the chief instructor or of the Institution – These, If mentioned, may lead to Non-Consideration / Rejection of the Course.

If selected, the submitted format of the Instruction Course must be strictly adhered to without any change in topics/timings/speakers.
The abstract will appear exactly the way it has been submitted and the Scientific Committee will not be responsible for any spelling and grammatical errors.

Topics for IC

ICs related to the following topics will be recommended

  • SICS
  • IOL/Biometry related
  • VAST in glaucoma
  • Procedures and imaging in glaucoma
  • Strabismus evaluation and Strabismus surgery
  • Nystagmus
  • Procedures in uveitis
  • Cornea-Keratoconus
  • OSD
  • Vernal Catarrh
  • Femto surgeries
  • Post-op astigmatism management
  • Pterygium
  • Oculoplasty-lid malpositions
  • Ocular Trauma
  • Emergencies
  • Retina-Macular disorders
  • Retinal vascular disorders
  • Surgical retina
  • ARMD
  • PCR
  • OCT
  • Community Ophthalmology
  • Systemic Ophthalmology