An E-Poster is an electronic version of the traditional boards, and is displayed on monitor screens using Power Point slides. E-Poster may include text, figures, tables and images and NO video/animations. Selected E-Poster can be viewed anytime during the conference. A specific time slot will not be required. A Link to upload E-Posters will be made available and the same will also be uploaded on the website.


  • All  E-Poster / awards will be given to the presenting author only.
  • If presenting author is not a member or not enrolled as a Life Member of the TNOA on (or) before 31st May 2018, that E-Poster will not be considered for any award /poster.
  • Institution / hospital affiliation and doctor’s name in the title or abstract should not be mentioned and will lead to automatic rejection.
  • Scientific abstracts must have at least one TNOA Member as an author or co-author.
  • Title of the Paper (not exceeding 100 characters with space).
  • Synopsis (not exceeding 1000 characters with space).


E-Posters should consist of a maximum of 12 Microsoft PowerPoint slides, including title slide and offering information on the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Material and Methods
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Use Times New Roman or Arial fonts.
  • Use the first slide to show the title of the E-Poster and the authors information.
  • Font should be no smaller than 18 points.
  • Maximum of 120 words on each slide.
  • Use a plain background without patterns or dark colours.
  • Use clear headings and leave spaces between sections.
  • Pictures and graphics should be clearly labelled and described.
  • Pictures and graphics should be of good quality.
  • Text should not be obscured by images.
  • Remember that simpler posters are always more attractive and easier to read.
  • Do not fit too much information on one slide.
  • Correct spelling and punctuation make your poster more attractive and informative.
  • E-Posters should contain no video clips/animation files.
  • The file should be not more than 5 MB (more than this size, it will be rejected automatically).

The best 25 posters will be displayed as physical posters & the rest will be e-posters.