Welcome to PudhuVue’18

Dear Colleagues,

Pondicherry Ophthalmologists Association welcomes you to our city for the 66th Annual Conference of Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association – PudhuVue’18 on the 10th, 11th and 12th of August, 2018.

Pondicherry is situated in the Puducherry district of the union territory, affectionately known as Pondy. It is a city known for its mixed cultures, quaintly named streets, gastronomic delights, ultimate spirituality and beautiful beaches. A city where the air simultaneously resounds with temple chants, church bells and azaan all together. Situated on the East Coast of India, a short distance from the cosmopolitan Chennai, it’s a place that still holds tight to its inherent Indian roots yet has faint strains of the French culture running through its essence.

It is here that we welcome you with open arms and minds awaiting a grand meeting of intellect, so very aptly themed ‘Give Time a Break for Science…’
A high quality scientific event is planned and this will be an excellent opportunity to exchange and advance knowledge, rekindle old friendships and form new ones and also immerse ourselves in a unique culture. Make sure you come with family, for we have various fun filled activities planned along with a tour of this scenic city of Pondicherry.

Time stands still at Pondicherry awaiting your arrival…

PudhuVue’18 Team

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